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Santorini Tee


What’s on the Santorini Wine T-Shirt

Our Santorini wine tee features the Basket Trained Vine as its main theme on its front side. The so-called Santorini Kouloura is a unique system of viticultural architecture used in one of the most exotic terroirs in the world, that of Santorini island in Greece.

From Santorini’s poor and arid volcanic soils, these joint art projects of man and nature stem in upward spiral movement to form the nano-climate environment conditioners they really are. The “Basket Trained Vine” is an iconic element of Santorini wine production.

In the back side -and potentially on the hilltop of your back- lies a small village with arched and smooth-edged Cycladic houses hanging in bunches from the rock on the edge of Santorini’s Caldera. Inspired by world-famous Santorini settlements like Oia and Fira, the T-Shirt’s back is a tribute to the whitewashed houses hosting the island’s communities.

Finally, our half-column, half-vine-leaf N.O.W.W. logo at the bottom validates that the two aforementioned graphics are two sides of the same coin.





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Santorini T-Shirt Product details

  • The Santorini Wine Tee is made of 100% Organic Fair Trade Cotton.
  • All illustrations are screen-printed.
  • Due to its durable and soft material, the tee is ideal for everyday use.
  • Its double-needle hems and neck band guarantee durability.
  • This Wine T-Shirt has a regular style and is available in S, M, L, and XL.

Male models are 6’0″ / 182 cm and 5’7″ / 176 cm and are wearing size L.

The female model is 5’8″ / 178 cm and is wearing size M.

What makes this Santorini Wine Tee unique

We want the symbols we create to break free from paper and screen. Moreover, we want them to travel through a plethora of materials and mediums, emitting the identity of the environments they were designed to communicate.

We want them to become a statement, a lifestyle, and a compass to navigate ourselves back to our experience of a place, unpacking layers of sensory memory.

We even want them to become intuitive links and portals to places for people who have never visited them.

This is our noetic distillate of Santorini and its wine-making tradition presented through the medium of fabric.

Good care tips for sustainable wine lovers

N.O.W.W. is a brand that takes environmental issues seriously. We use high-quality 100% Fair Trade Organic Cotton to create eco-friendly and sustainably produced t-shirts. Here’s how you can take good care of your Santorini Wine Tee while minimizing your environmental impact.

Wash Cold. Always wash your clothes in cold water rather than hot.

Wash full. Fill your washing machine up to the recommended capacity.

Eco-friendly detergents. Use natural, chemical-free detergents for best results.

Air Dry. Let your Wine T-Shirt dry in the sun as if it were in Santorini!

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