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Epicurus G Tee


What’s on the Epicurus G. Wine T-Shirt


Our Epicurus G. Tee is a minimalistic take on Epicurus G.‘s style and values. It features his signature orange pocket square on its front side and his “Are you Epic-Curious?” motto on the back.

The N.O.W.W. half column, half vine leaf logo at the bottom seals his most prominent philosophical thesis called Oenotecture.

Epicurus G. is a timeless and spaceless individual who likes to communicate through parables. He is the inspirational father and narrator of N.O.W.W.





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Epicurus G. T-Shirt Product details

  • The Epicurus G. Wine Tee is made of 100% Organic Fair Trade Cotton.
  • All illustrations are screen-printed.
  • Due to its durable and soft material, the tee is ideal for everyday use.
  • Its double-needle hems and neck band guarantee durability.
  • This Wine T-Shirt has a regular style and is available in S, M, L, and XL.

Male models are 6’0″ / 182 cm and 5’7″ / 176 cm and are wearing size L.
The female model is 5’8″ / 178 cm and is wearing size M.

How things went down Design-wise

We told Epicurus G. we wanted to make a t-shirt featuring him in his classic cross-legged stance.

He responded: “Why make a t-shirt that depicts me when you can make a t-shirt that is me ?! Not to mention that wearing a tee sporting a guy, sporting a suit in the summertime is kind of counter-intuitive…”

Then a guy from our design team told another guy, “I told you so…,” then the other guy told the guy “… .. …” and then we all asked Epicurus: “But how do we create a t-shirt that is you?” to which he responded:

“Well, that’s easy; make something that is minimal, elegant, definitely Epic-Curious, and has a pocket square, I love pocket squares!’

So, there you have it…

How to clean your 100% Organic Cotton T-shirts?

N.O.W.W. is a brand that takes environmental issues seriously. We use high-quality 100% Fair Trade Organic Cotton to create eco-friendly and sustainably produced t-shirts. Here’s how you can take good care of your Epicurus G. Wine Tee while minimizing your environmental impact.

Wash Cold. Always wash your clothes in cold water rather than hot.

Wash full. Fill your washing machine up to the recommended capacity.

Eco-friendly detergents. Use natural, chemical-free detergents for best results.

Air Dry. Let your Wine T-Shirt dry in the sun as if it were in Greece!

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